Oh, this is awkward: You’ve caught me away from my desk.


I’m out of the office from the 26th through the 29th of March, at the Talent Brand Summit. (It’s sort of like camping for Talent Brand Nerds). I’m supposed to say I have limited access to email, but the truth is, the WiFi is hot and fast here at Lost Pines Resort. And so are the s’mores. #SorryNotSorry

I’m just focused on learning from my peers and colleagues IRL instead of my inbox for a change. Let’s just say I gave up on ‘Inbox Zero’ and embraced ‘Inbox Infinity’.

Here’s the thing. These people I’m spending these few days with, they do what I do. They face many of the same challenges I face, telling the stories about the employee experience and values here at COMPANY. These are my people (tribe). They get me. And they’re going to help me do my job even better.

Next week I’ll be able to follow up with any of them directly, for advice and perspective on the work we love to do. Oh, and which vendors they’ve used, and who they recommend.

This experience is going to help me build cross-functional relationships (messenger chats) with my stakeholders internally at COMPANY, like Marketing, Design, Human Resources, Public Relations and recruiters.

If you look at the agenda, it may seem like I’m going on a vacation for a few days at a five-star resort.

And you wouldn’t be completely wrong. Yes, there are some extracurricular (tomahawk and archery) activities. I’m just trying to keep my skills sharp and on target and connect (swim) with people I can learn from to advance my talent brand career.


Once I’m back from my learning and development business trip (retreat), I look forward to embracing my inbox again armed with new tactics and approaches (tools and tricks) and following up with you soon (after the weekend).

Now if you’ll excuse me, there are some reports (s’mores) calling my name.

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