It's no secret that our biggest event of the year is the Talent Brand Summit. But this past June was the very first what went right? What went...not so right?

With almost 60% (you read that right) of attendees responding to our event experience survey, we have a pretty good idea.

The three biggest points of feedback?

  1. Don't change too much - we really, really liked it! (100% of attendees said they would return)

  2. If you do change something, can it be lowering the Texas thermostat?

  3. Can't wait for the next one...when is that?

Okay, so there was a little more feedback around content and matched introductions, and we're listening to it all. We'll also be sharing more information in the process next time, about how people were grouped together at tables on day one.

What's next? If you're not already a member, you can request to join the Talent Brand Alliance group on Facebook to engage with your fellow attendees. You can ask questions, search through the discussions, and even share helpful templates and other details about what you're doing.

The next event is now in the Spring, so the temperature will be a bit less...Texas. You never know what you're going to get with the weather, but planning for earlier in the year will allow us to cool off a bit and enjoy the hill country activities even more.


We all had an amazing experience, and we couldn't be happier to bring the next #TBSummit back to the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort! The format will stay the same with roundtables and facilitators leading the discussions, and some of the topics will change, based on attendee input. And yes, the room will get a bit bigger.

We got the right people together for productive conversations among employer brand and recruitment marketing peers and mentors, so we're keeping that requirement. All attendees are vetted corporate practitioners and consultants actually doing the work. No sales, business development, or vendors outside of the event sponsors are allowed.

We've already had several attendees of the first Summit request their spot at the next event, and it's expanded to 100 attendees this time! To get the process started, simply use the button below to request your ticket.

  • 100 employer brand and recruitment marketing practitioners

  • March 26-28, 2019 in Austin, Texas - Agenda coming September 2018

  • Lost Pines Resort And Spa - booking info coming soon!