We are excited and proud to announce the first board for the Talent Brand Alliance (TBA). Members are charged with carrying out our mission of creating a community for the growing ecosystem of talent branding professionals and making continuous strides towards our goal to push the talent brand profession forward through community and collaboration.


Will Staney and Bryan Chaney, Board Members and Co-chairs. As co-chairs, Will and Bryan will be focused on shaping the strategy and supporting the board in fulfilling Talent Brand Alliance’s mission.

Dina Medeiros, Board Member focused on Partnerships & Alliances. In her role, Dina will oversee all partnership and alliance discussions, research, and vetting with the board. She will be focused on discovering beneficial partnerships for the Talent Brand Alliance.

Noelle Holdsworth, Board Member focused on Knowledge Base. In her role, Noelle will oversee all knowledge capture, categorization and record keeping within the community. She will work to develop and maintain a central repository of knowledge, training, case studies and reference materials, and seek out new opportunities and content ideas for curation.

Derek Johnson, Board Member focused on Event Production. In his role, Derek will oversee the research, planning and logistical management of #TBSummit events. He will be focused on cultivating and executing remarkable event experiences that connect, develop, and energize the recruitment marketing and employer brand community.

James Ellis, Board Member focused on Community Growth & Engagement. In his role, James will oversee engagement of community members, the membership content calendar, and driving member value. He will be focused on creating an open environment for learning, challenge, and mentorship, through the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Zakiya Nashid, Board Member focused on Membership. In her role, Zakiya will oversee membership recruiting initiatives and market research of industry needs, to vet opportunities for community growth. She will be focused on recruitment campaigns and research opportunities to develop services and knowledge that help fuel the future growth of Talent Brand Alliance.

Holland McCue, Board Member focused on Marketing and Communications. In her role, Holland will oversee messaging, PR, and internal/external communications to better inform, coordinate, and promote member activity and Talent Brand Alliance initiatives. She will be focused on driving and maintaining a rhythm of communication and promotion to help increase awareness and recognition of the TBA community.

Audra Knight, Board Member focused on Mentorship / L & D. In her role, Audra will work to define and oversee member database and the framework for mentorship introductions and opportunities for continued learning. She will be focused on creating an environment for shared learning and mentorship opportunities through a well organized and communicated process and program for TBA members.

Over the next couple of months we will be profiling our board members and providing more insight into their role and charge for Talent Brand Alliance. You’ll get to learn more about them, and why they care so much about growing this community.

Each of the board members will need a committee to help achieve their goals. If you are interested in supporting as a committee lead or member, please send an email to info@talentbrand.org with your focus area of interest in the subject line.

About Talent Brand Alliance:

We believe that employer branding and talent attraction professionals have a passion for creating a sense of community for employees at their respective companies. We take this passion and apply it to the growing ecosystem of talent branding professionals to empower learning, sharing and networking within recruiting. Join us!