An alliance where talent attraction leaders can collaborate and learn.

The term employer branding was first coined by Simon Barrow, chairman of People in Business, and Tim Ambler, Senior Fellow of London Business School, in the Journal of Brand Management in December 1996. The concept has represented the voice of the employer company as it wished to be defined.

We consider your talent brand to be the honest story of life as an employee inside your organization, as told by the employees in parallel with the company. was created for the talent attraction professionals who tell this story every day.

There is a notable gap in our industry of making the distinction in what we do from a marketing/branding/tech space in Talent Attraction. To fill that knowledge gap and build next practices around the field of Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding, a board of leaders and early adopters of this field will come together to collaborate for the advancement of this growing and essential profession.