We’re chuffed to announce the Fall Talent Brand Summit Facilitators!

They represent a large established tech company, a newer tech company—and we’ve got leaders from two consumer packaged goods companies to boot. Throw into the mix, an employer brand leader from an online travel service as well as a leader from a prominent consulting practice with diverse client experience and you’ll have recruitment marketing knowledge to spare.

But Wait. They’re facilitators, not speakers. No “death by PowerPoint”!

They’ll facilitate the great conversations that you’ll have with your table mates at the event. That means that they’re properly kicking off their individual roundtable topics, providing a framework, and guiding the discussion and knowledge sharing among the entire workshop delegation.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

  • We have Emily Firth, head of employer brand for Booking.com, based out of Amsterdam. She’s built a team of content producers and community managers for this well-known company and is ready to kick off the discussion about building proper brand love with your content.

  • Koos Wurzer is a team of (mostly) one, managing several employer branding projects for Danone, a consumer foods company based out of Paris. He’s focused on improving the candidate experience and all of the ways that talent attraction teams can affect that experience. His roundtable topic says it all: Candidate Experience for Humans.

  • Ellie Terry joins us from financial technology company N26 in Berlin, where she’s leading employee experience and global communications. Her topic is Champions—specifically your internal employee champions (or advocates), getting them engaged, and amplifying your employer brand.

  • Mags Hizon is an HR leader focused on talent branding and attraction at Unilever, a company well known for their product brands. She’ll be leading the conversation on carrying your employer value proposition across regional and international borders while keeping it locally relevant.

  • Carolina Guillen from Intel in Munich, is tackling probably our favorite topic: Creativity on a Budget. In an action-filled workshop, Caro will be assigning budgets, personas, and timelines to target the right talent LIVE with your table mates.

  • Last and most certainly not least, is the CEO of Link Humans, Jörgen Sundberg. He’s bringing his consulting and agency knowledge to the Summit and leading our roundtable on tools and technology. Looking for a new sourcing platform? Need to collect user-generated video content? He’s going to share some of the secrets up his sleeves as well as open up the tools discussion for group feedback.

You’ll be matched with people who are interested in similar topics and who have similar backgrounds and challenges so you can share your knowledge with each other at the roundtables. This is what that will look like for each day of the event.

DAY 1: You’ll start the day getting to know your table mates, and the entire table will jump into discussing three interactive topics. The tables will share back what they’ve learned during each 75-minute discussion, which will be led by a different facilitator. Each table will be able to nominate and vote on the fourth topic of the day, and notes from each discussion will be provided. Your brain will be full of new ideas as you transition to dinner and an evening competition at Flight Club Darts with your new friends.

DAY 2: It’s time to pick your own tables. You’ll broaden your network and dig in to discussion around the four daily topics, aided by our talented facilitators. Each day, all meals and drinks will be provided, and we will wrap up this day with something a bit unexpected. You’ll enjoy scenic views of London from Olympic Park and get the chance to take a leap and slide down the world’s longest tube slide.

Our co-founders, Bryan Chaney and Will Staney will be emceeing the event once again, with some help from Talent Brand Alliance board member, Audra Knight. Have you requested your ticket yet?