Talent Brand Summit

The Talent Brand Summit is a 2-day event designed to pioneer the next level of employer branding and more specifically your own talent brand. Learn from those who have built programs at Nike, LinkedIn, Dell, Blizzard and CVS while leveraging your peers as you spend two intense days building your talent brand strategy.

You'll leave the summit with a network of talent brand peers and mentors, along with a tangible framework to usher your own program into the future.

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Day 1

Roundtable led by Celinda Appleby of Nike

Team Structure - How do you build a team when there are few experienced practitioners? We’ll talk about the workforce for large and medium sized organizations to accomplish their talent brand goals:

  • Global vs Regional

  • Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Career Path and Hiring

  • Stretch/Rotational Support

Roundtable led by Jennifer Newbill of Dell

Employee Advocacy - How are you engaging your employees to tell their story? We’ll share mistakes and success of corporate programs:

  • Tools

  • Brand Ambassadors

  • Referrals

Roundtable led by  Dina Medeiros of Blizzard

Launching Brand Channels - Do we need a Pinterest channel for truck drivers? Learn how we’ve each created and grown engagement channels from scratch:

  • Stakeholders

  • Ownership

  • Audience Appropriate


Day 2

Day 1 Recap and Keynote

Will Staney and Bryan Chaney


Roundtable led by Kerry Noone of CVS

Content Creation - It’s the bread and whipped butter of telling a story. But what ingredients are better than others, and for which audiences? We’ll be sharing creation (and curation) stories for the usual suspects and some brand new ones.

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • Written stories

  • Career Site

  • Internal vs External

Roundtable led by Will Staney of Proactive Talent

Measuring ROI - How do you measure success? What makes your organization unique? We’ll cover and share examples and framework to measure:

  • Recruitment marketing ROI

  • Employer Brand ROI

  • Non-traditional measurement that matters at your company


Personal Growth - What does it take to succeed in a human resources niche that very few organizations can accurately define? It takes comfort with ambiguity and lots of ambition.

  • Know your strengths

  • Know your weaknesses

  • How and when to take risks

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